Peer support group in English

Kompassie organises a range of peer support groups (“lotgenoten”) for informal carers (“mantelzorgers”) of family members who are diagnosed with a personality disorder or who are otherwise psychologically vulnerable. We are very pleased to announce that, in response to requests from our non-Dutch speaking clients, we are launching an English-language version of this group. The group wil start at thursday february 2nd from 19.00 – 22.00 uur at Kompassie, Laan 20 in The Hague.

The group provides a safe place to exchange experiences, learn from each other, and take a break of being a carer. We explore what you need to be well and centered in your demanding situation. There are no taboos. We ask only that you come with an open mind, ready to share your story in your own time, and be willing to participate.

The group is open to anyone who is caring for a loved one with a personality disorder, whether diagnosed or not, and who feels more comfortable speaking English than Dutch. The group will run for 8 sessions of 2 hours and is open to a maximum of 8 participants who will meet every 2 weeks. Attendance is free of charge but we ask that members commit to all the sessions to ensure confidentiality and support for the group.

Please apply to or call (070) 427 32 40 and ask for Esther van der Meer to get information or to register your interest. A preliminary conversation with one of the group’s facilitators will then follow. In case of too many applications we will start a waiting list for the next group.

The group’s facilitators are Inez Blankestijn & Didier de Groot, both Family Coaches at Kompassie.

Aanmelden (per e-mail)